Getting rid of moss, the friendly way

Getting rid of moss, the friendly way

The weather this year has not been exactly kind and the resulting moss growth on hard surfaces can be unsightly and slippery. 

We have three products in stock that are just the ticket for moss removal. 


For use on brick, stone, concrete, tarmac, decking, flagstones, glass, fabric, paintwork and furniture at any time of year. Algon will remove moss on most hard surfaces outdoors. For use at any time of year. Apply to a dry surface for best results.  Child friendly and harmless to wildlife and pets

Resolva Xtra Clean Green & Algae Remover

Removes all green mould and algae from patios, fencing, decking and many other surfaces whilst giving long lasting protection. No scrubbing required. Results should be visible in 7 days. 

Patio Magic

Concentrated disinfectant for the treatment, removal, and prevention of green mould and algae on hard surfaces. Kills green mould in 2 - 4 days.


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