Loving that Lawn

Loving that Lawn

Over the next few days, we will be highlighting some of the different sundries products we have in stock. We currently have a 20% Settlement Discount on all of our sundries products; make the most of it now! Discount ends 16th September.


Today's sundry focus... Mo Bacter products.

We are coming up to the perfect time of year to tend to those lawns to keep them tip-top and in the green. September to November, depending on which product you use, is the ideal time of year to.

We hold a range of Mo Bacter lawn treatments for autumn use. With Mo Bacter, remember, a little goes a long way.

All Mo Bacter products are child-friendly and harmless to wildlife and pets. All Mo Bacter products are also RHS-approved.

  • Mo Bacter Autumn Lawn Treatment 10kg. A brilliant product for moss treatment and added Magnesium to strengthen the grass giving a strong green colour. ORGANIC long lasting fertiliser with Humifirst to stimulate root development. Apply in August through to November. 10kg bag covers 20m2.
  • Mo Bacter Lawn Fertiliser 10kg and 20kg. An ORGANIC slow release fertiliser that prepares your lawn for winter by feeding your lawn, destroying moss and improving the soil too. Apply up until the end of October. 10kg bag covers 68 to 100m2. 20kg bag covers 135 to 200m2.
  • Mo Bacter Recovery 10kg and 20kg. An ORGANIC fertiliser for restoring damaged lawns also suitable for use on new lawns or turf. Promotes new shoots to thicken the lawn and a unique combination of humic and fulvic acid that stimulates root growth. Apply from March to October. 20kg bag covers 200m2.

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