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Tip Top Topiary

Tip Top Topiary

Our range of topiary held on site is perfect for adding that certain something to a planting scheme.

Our topiary cloud selection covers Chamaecyparis, Ilex, Ilex crenata, Junipers, Loropatelum, Olives, Pines and Taxus from 80cm to 350 cm in height. Tight foliage and floating clouds make these real show stoppers. 

Our topiary other shapes selection covers a wide selection of options including multi-balls, cubes, pom-poms, beehives, pyramids and square columns. These formal fancies provide foliage in all shades from dark green to variegated to yellow. This selection includes both evergreen and deciduous options to choose from. 

Topiary balls provide rhythm and fluid form in a garden or landscape. We hold a large size range in stock and can also quote for sizes that may not be in stock due to their popularity. Azaleas, Elaeagnus, Fagus, IlexOsmanthus, Phillyrea, Pines, Pittosporum, Taxus and Teucrium can all be found here. 

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