Some like it hot

Some like it hot


Agave thrive in the heat of the summer. The hotter, the better. These plants are just ideal for our hot summers and given the basics of extremely good drainage, lots of grit and the sunniest spot you can find Agave will thrive.

Agave come in a huge range of sizes, and vary in leaf colour and colourful spines at the end of each leaf. One of my favourite things about Agave is the imprint of the older leaves left on the as-yet unfurled younger leaves. Almost like a fossil footprint!

Agave do love good drainage and can be planted at an angle to prevent the crown from becoming waterlogged. They also must have a sunny spot to thrive. Place decorative aggregates around the base of the plant and root area once planted to help keep weeds down and to improve drainage further.

Great for coastal areas, containers and a bit of a wow factor. We have over 15 different options in stock with leaf colours ranging from grey-blue to steely grey to striped white variegation. A wonderful world of foliage and form.


Shown in the image: Agave Chrysanta

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