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Glazed pots

Glazed pots

Glazed pots, you really can’t go wrong with having a few of these around the garden. They are great for patios, decking, placed in borders or for use as a focal point. We stock some gorgeous different colours making sure to cater to all outdoor spaces and plant colours for that perfect combination.

We have more than 140 different glazed pots for you to choose from. My personal favourites are below:

  • Pot Glazed Egg Pot FOG – you really can’t go wrong with this ovoid shaped, rustic/orange coloured pot. If you like this then you’re in luck as we have it available in quite a few different sizes meaning you should be able to find the right one for your plants! 
  • Pot Glazed Egg Pot WTG is absolutely gorgeous. The colour, the design, everything about it is so effortless yet so stunning!
  • Pot Glazed Square Pot Tall BLK this pot will make a statement. IT is tall and square, it slightly tapers towards the bottom giving a classic, elegant shape. It is the ideal pot for entranceways, focal points, patios, decking and atriums.

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