Fertilisers improve plant growth by providing essential nutrients directly to the plant itself. At Provender Nurseries, we stock a full range of fertilisers including:

Organic fertilisers

Organic fertilisers are derived from plant or animal sources. They tend to be slower acting. A few examples of some organic fertilisers we offer are the Blood, Fish & Bone Fertiliser, Fast Grow Seaweed Fertiliser.

See our Going Green range for more options.

Slow release fertilisers

Slow release fertilisers are best for use on shrubs as they release the required plant nutrients slowly over the growing season. We have a variety of different options.

Do not be tempted to ‘over feed’ as this can cause weak leaf growth which can be more susceptible to pests especially sap sucking insects.

Inorganic fertilisers

Inorganic fertilisers are artificial forms of plant nutrients or naturally occurring mined minerals. They are very fast acting and usually have higher levels of nutrients compared to other fertilisers.

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