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Container Planting. Feed Me Seymour, Feed me now!

Container Planting. Feed Me Seymour, Feed me now!

All plants need feeding.  Different plants need different feeds.  The trace elements and nutrients differ depending on what you require from the plant you are feeding. 

Fertilisers add required nutrients to the soil directly to the roots where the plant can take them up quickly and benefit.  Fertilisers come in many forms with some good for providing a short term boost for flower production and other releasing nutrients over a longer period of time and are known as slow release fertilisers. 

Whichever your plant requires if it is in a container it most certainly will need fertilising to get the best display and most importantly a healthy plant.

Shrubs, grasses, herbaceous and herbs require a fertiliser that is slow release and will sustain growth during the growing season.

Slow release fertilisers held in stock include:

Acer Fertiliser, Ericaceous, Grow Sure 6 Month Slow Release, Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food, Olive Tree Fertiliser, Osmocote Controlled Release Plant Food, Osmocote Top Dress. 

Osmocote Top Dress is a professional grade feed that we use here on the nursery.  The Top dress provides 4-5 months of feed throughout the growing season.  The granules are best applied in the spring.  The granules contain a unique component to help stick the substrate to stop any wastage from toppled over pots. 

Bedding plants require a fertiliser that provides a short term boost and promotes the production of flowers. 

Fertilisers for Bedding plants held in stock include:

Chempak Soluble Fertiliser for Fuchsia, Chempak Soluble Fertiliser No4, Liquid Seaweed, Miracle-Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food and Tomorite