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Container Planting. Bedding Plants

Container Planting.  Bedding Plants

Bedding plant mass planting and themed schemes, also known as carpet bedding were the height of fashion in the Victorian era and have remained as popular ever since.Annual bedding plants are here to stay and are as popular as ever with many a client who likes a good, seasonal splash of colour for the summer months.

With May being the traditional time to plant out bedding as the fear of frost has passed and the soil is prepared for planting.We have a great range in stock for creating cool colour schemed block planting or a wild mix of colours, whichever your client prefers.  

We have just taken our largest delivery of bedding plants for summer colour with over 60,000 plants now in stock.

Bedding plants lend themselves perfectly to planting in containers of all shapes and sizes with many upright and trailing plant options available.

All of our bedding plants are listed on our website as bedding basket plants, bedding mixed in 9cm, 10.5cm and 13cm pots.We also have bedding Hedera in 3 sizes too.

It is best to get bedding plants in as soon as you can giving them time to ‘bed’ in and create a stronger plant and a better floral display over the summer.

Bedding Geraniums Bedding Geraniums