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Hedging Prunus Perfection

Hedging Prunus Perfection

With two new options to the market in the last couple of years, the humble hedging Prunus has been elevated to new heights!

Prunus lus. Brenelia is a fast-growing new choice. This wavy leaved Prunus is popular due it’s fast-growing rate, attractive edged leaves and is often used in pleached tree options. Great hedging options at 45L at 175/200cm height.

Upright, tidy and neat, Prunus lau. Elly has been on the market for a good two to three years and is fast catching on as a clean, instant hedging option. Our 130L pots at 200-250cm are more at the 250cm height spec and at 1 plant per metre required will create an instant dense privacy screen.

Both options make a stout, sturdy attractive hedge.

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