We reuse our Futurescape event products

We reuse our Futurescape event products

Reusing event products

Provender Nurseries are dedicated to being more sustainable. We are constantly looking for more ways to minimise our carbon footprint, if you haven’t checked out our Going Green range, you can do so here. This range includes a variety of different eco-friendly products that are either organic, wildlife friendly or have natural ingredients as their main components.

More recently…

You may be aware that we held a stand at the 2022 Futurescape event which was hosted at the Excel Centre last week. Our stand was created for us and by us with sustainability in mind. Therefore, we know that every step of the process has been as environmentally friendly as possible!

Here is what we’ve done…

The bark that was laid out on the floor will be reused on plant beds, all of the plants that were not given away will be put back into stock for our customers to purchase, the TVs have already been returned and set up in our meeting rooms and the framework of our stand will be used again at upcoming events!

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