It is BULB time

It is BULB time

September has to be amongst one of our favourite months at work. Why? The spring bulbs arrive and the frenzy of what to plant for a fabulous spring display next year gets the horticultural taste buds going.

We love a good planning session and it’s even better when a plan results in flowers – lots of lovely flowers.

The full selection is almost here with the last delivery expected later this week.  There is a positive rainbow of bulbs already here to get you started.

Camasssia. A must in mixed borders and perfect for drier soils

Narcissi. White. Yellow. Bicolour. Orange. Peach. Single. Double. Tall. Dwarf. Best to take a look and make your selection

Anemone blanda and coronaria. are excellent little poppets of colour at ground level. Like little jewels.

Crocus. Heralding the arrival of spring before any other bulb with carpets of colour.

Tulips. An absolutely fabulous range of colours. 80, yes 80 colour options to choose from.

Allium. Bee magnets that stand tall and proud. A must for any garden.  Fabulous size bulbs.  

We have created a couple of factsheets to help on your selection- Bulbs for Bees and Butterflies and Bulbs for Naturalising

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