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10L Hydrangea paniculata choices

10L Hydrangea paniculata choices

Grown in Kent by our very own hands, our 10L Hydrangea paniculata choices are positively stunning. Bundles of buds just coming into life and ready to explode providing colour all through the summer months through to the autumn.

The elongated flower clusters are extremely long lasting gradually changing colour as they fade giving long seasonal interest.

Paniculata Hydrangeas flower on woody stems formed in the spring and as a result they are really forgiving when it comes to pruning. Prune in mid-spring, however it is not a problem if you forget – remember, these are forgiving plants to grow.

These Hydrangea are extremely versatile and lend themselves to many a situation in mixed plantings, formal designs, containers and even as a hedge.

Fresh in and ready to go: Fraise Melba, Limelight, Silver Dollar, Vanille Fraise and Wim’s Red

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