Mangave Mania

Mangave Mania

It’s all about the foliage. Mangave truly rock the foliage world. WOW with a capital WOW.

Last year when we received a delivery of Mangave, they flew out of the door. Once you see them in the flesh it is easy to see why.

A fantastic mix of foliage combinations of soft greys, dusky purple, flushes, abstract spotting, serrated edges these are simply delicious to look at. All are rosette-forming in shape and vary in height and size.

Spectacular foliage choices to be had in the mixed Mangaves with speckles, blushes, purples, subtle greys and starbursts of colour.

Mangave are the result of cross between an Agave and a Manfreda. Classified as an evergreen perennial succulent, Mangave form rosette shaped plants similar to Agave and Aloe in shape and form.

Mangave are slow growing but well worth the wait in anyone’s books. Excellent in pots.

Rare, exotic and futuristic. Just WOW.

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