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Come on Buddy

Come on Buddy

Budding up nicely on site, the Cercis stock is ready to pop with their wild looking flowers that look like dainty wingback slippers! 

Flowering on bare stems, Cercis are a real springtime delight as once the exotic pea-like looking flowers are finished, the heart-shaped leaves pop out along the stems in shades of green, purple, cerise, yellows and multi-coloured splashes of foliage dependant on variety.

Cercis are popular with designers due to the shape, forms, foliage shape, emerging foliage colour, autumn foliage colour and general versatility as a small tree / large shrub focal point. Some varieties have twisted stems to add to the overall interest of the plant.

Bees like them too with Cercis flowering from April though to May / early June.

We currently have in stock, Ace of Hearts, Allet Cat, Appalchian Red, Forest Pansy, Hearts of Gold, Merlot, Royal White, Ruby Falls, The Rising Sun and Vanilla Twist.

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