Oak before Ash

Oak before Ash

The old saying goes, ‘If Oak is out before Ash, we shall surely have a splash.  If Ask before Oak, we shall surely have a soak.’

Whatever the saying, the garden at home had to be watered on Sunday which is a little earlier than normal at this time of year. It has been a dry winter and a good old soaking is just what is needed when planting at this time of year and for plants planted last year too.  

Of course, it is best practice to water plants well before planting and after planting too to ensure your plants thrive. 

Our tried and tested Irrigation products will help to make sure your plants are kept well-watered and given the best start in the ground or in pots. 

With a range of hoses and accessories, you can do it yourself. 

Timers and drip irrigation are an easy way of watering with minimal waste and peace of mind that the timer has it worked out. 

Tree Irrigation systems are an absolute must when planting trees.  They really are an easy method of getting water to the roots where it is most needed.

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