Epimedium show time

Epimedium show time

It’s Epimedium time.  Trotting through the polytunnel, the Epimedium are nodding their dainty flowers, vying for attention.

Low-growing plants with heart shaped leaves that are immensely useful under deciduous trees being happiest in dappled or deep shade.  The heart shaped leaves vary in colour through the year with the dainty, star-like, slightly spurred flowers appear in spring. 

Epimedium are versatile plants for ground cover, slopes and dry banks, underplanting under trees and mixed borders.  Plants benefit form cutting back of old foliage in late winter so the emerging flowers and new foliage can be displayed to their best advantage. 

Epimedium pinn. colchicum.  Bright yellow flowers with oval green leaves.  Height 15cm

Epimedium x per.  Frohnleiten.  Bright yellow flowers with red tinged leaves when young.  Height 40cm

Epimedium x ver.  Sulphureum.  An excellent choice for dry shade.  Bronze foliage in spring and autumn.  Pale yellow flowers March – May.  Height 30cm

Epimedium x you.  Niveum.  Ivory-white elegant flowers with bronze-flushed foliage from April – May.  Height 20-25cm

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