Lawn Treatment

Lawn Treatment

In stock and ready to go we have loads of options for lawn treatment best undertaken in the spring ready for summer use:

Lawn Fertiliser Spring & Summer 11-5-5.  A fast acting spreadable lawn fertiliser in a mini-granular format.  Apply between March and June for best results.  25kg bag will cover between 350-875 square metres at a rate of 35-70g/m

Aftercut All In One Spring/ Summer.  Produces rapid greening in 7 days, kills weeds down to the roots, kills moss and creates a stronger lawn.  16kg bag will treat 500 square metres

Evergreen Premium Plus Lawn Food.  Slow release formulation feeding up to 8 weeks.  Use from March to August.  8kg bag covers 400 square metres

Maxicrop Mosskiller & Lawn Tonic.  An organic, seaweed based, quick acting lawn tonic for use between March and September.  Kills moss, encourages grass regrowth and improves rooting.  310ml diluted in 9L of water will treat 10 square metres.  Available in 1L, 2.5L and 10L

Mo Bacter Lawn Fertiliser.  An organic fertiliser with a moss eating bacteria added.  Best used in spring.  No need to rake out the dead moss after application.  Use after cutting the grass.  10kg bag covers 100 square metres.

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