Pinus for Winter Colour

Pinus for Winter Colour

Structure and colour are important elements to a garden or border all year round but even more so in the winter months.

We have just the plant that satisfies both of these requirements, dwarf Pinus that are essentially small domes of loveliness and are excellent for creating soft form in the winter months.  The fact that they are not naturally symmetrical by nature just seems to add to their charm.

Some options presently on site are:

Pinus mugo Winter Gold. This dwarf pine has needles that take on a golden colour as the weather gets colder contrasting with other evergreen plants. Slow to grow and with a rounded growth habit means it will not get out of control and is ideal planted amongst winter interest plants. 

Pinus mugo ‘Ophir. An evergreen compact conifer with yellow-green needles with the yellow becoming more prominent during winter. Ideally used for city and courtyard gardens, cottage and informal gardens with no pruning required. Plant in well-drained soil.

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