Pieris – plant now for spring colour

Pieris – plant now for spring colour

We are always encouraged to plant spring flowering bulbs to herald the arrival of spring, however some shrubs do a damn fine job of signing springs arrival.

Pieris are fantastic choices with the double drama of foliage colour and dainty bell-shaped flowers in the spring. 

Perfect for a little dash of colour in a semi-shaded position in ericaceous soil.  Feed after flowering to keep healthy and vibrant. 

Ralto.  New shoots are flushed orange in spring.  Flowers are purple- red with a slight fragrance.  Height 50cm

Valley Valentine. A dramatic choice.  Dark green leaves.  Bright red new growth.  Drooping clusters of dusky-red.  Height 1.5m

Cupido.  Deep scarlet new growth in spring, white flowers.  Height 1.2m

Red Mill.  Bright red spring foliage.  White flowers.  Height 2m

Sarabande.  Dark glossy green leaves.  Bronze new growth in spring.  White flowers.  Height 1.5m

Mountain Fire.  Red foliage in spring that changes to a rich chestnut brown in colour.  Height 2.5m

Little Heath. Compact Pieris with leaves with a white margin that flush pink in the spring when young.  Height 70cm

Debutante.  Small, dome shaped Pieris.  Dark green leaves.  White flowers held erect above the foliage.  Height 1m

Forest Flame.  Glossy green foliage, bright red young growth, creamy white flowers.  Height 1.5m

Flaming Silver.  Variegated foliage, scarlet new growth in spring with creamy-white flowers.  Height 1.5m

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