HEDGING WEEK. In Stock Now. Native Hedging Options

HEDGING WEEK. In Stock Now.  Native Hedging Options

Autumn is the most popular time of year to plant hedging plants and we know that root ball plants are on order and at present we are awaiting a confirmation of delivery date.

But, with such a popular range of plants we hold a massive range of container grown hedging plants in stock all year round.  At present we have over 159 options on site to choose from. 

We have some excellent options to cover pretty much any situation, site, position, soil type, style and height.

Let’s shine the spotlight on a few options we currently have on site.  For a natural, native hedge we have:

  • Buxus sempervirens in 1.5, 3L and 6 packs
  • Crataegus monogyna in 2L pots
  • Carpinus betulus in 2.5L pots
  • Fagus sylvatica in 2L pots
  • Taxus baccata in 3L

Native hedging are a fabulous choice for decorative hedges that also have a value to wildlife.

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