Lavandula Phenomenal – It really is!

Lavandula Phenomenal – It really is!

Lavandula Phenomenal – the must have super new Lavender that you really should be introduced to.

Lavandula Phenomenal has so many attributes, it is hard to know where to start!

Slightly earlier to flower than most other Lavenders and known to reliably produce a second flush of flower too.  It has a compact uniform rounded habit making it an excellent choice for hedging amongst many other uses.  Brilliant option for herb gardens and of course in containers and mixed plantings. 

The foliage is silvery grey and is particularly strong in colour in the winter months.  The foliage does not die back in the winter to a dark brown as some other Lavenders do, oh no, Phenomenal keeps its silver plumage in the colder months. 

The scented violet-blue flowers are fragrant, long lasting and held on tall upright stems and are an absolute magnet for bees and butterflies.  In fact, Lavender Phenomenal can be found on the RHS Plants for Pollinators list. 

Phenomenal is a great substitute for Hidcote and Munstead and is a brilliant choice for cutting and using around the house to fill with a Phenomenal scent.

Our current stock is grown in peat-free compost in kerb recyclable pots and grown in Kent too by Provender Nurseries for Provender Nurseries.  It is a win win!  

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