Carex – so much colour and form to be enjoyed

Carex – so much colour and form to be enjoyed

Carex provide, movement, texture and most of all colour at this time of year and through into the autumn and winter months too. 

Varying in sizes, form and colour there can be no doubt that Carex add colour and vibrancy to any planting whether in pots or borders where they can be planted in either mid-border or front of border depending on your choice. 

We throw a spotlight on some of our favourites below:

Carex Amazon Mist.  A Carex with a lax, lazy almost trailing habit yet seemingly symmetrical in shape.  The leaves are extremely fine and silver green in colour.  Height 25cm

Carex Prairie Fire.  Adding a touch of fiery orange to the borders and pots in the autumn Prairie Fire is aptly named with the colour lasting through the autumn months.  The attractive orange – bronze upright leaves are set off by the black seedheads. 

Carex Red Rooster.  A dense, tufted grass with glossy orange, reddish-brown foliage and brown flowers in summer.  Height to 75cm, spread to 90cm

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