Weigela 'Candida'

Weigela 'Candida'

Description: As with all Weigela this deciduous shrub with quite a strong spreading and aarching habit.  The tubular flowers in May and June are the most beautiful pure white and look superb when in flower as they cloth the arching stems. Green leaves brovide a good backcloth to the flowers are remain fresh through summer.

Uses: An easy to grow shrub suited for any border  as a specimen or for group planting in a landscape situation.

Climate/Position: Grows in sun or partial shade. Some drought tolerance.

Height/Spread: 2.5 x 2.5 metres height and spread.

Soil Requirements: Grows in any type of soil.

Pruning: Light pruning after flowering to encourage fresh growth and provide red stem colour. Less vigorous than many Weigela, but if required one or two of the oldest stems may be removed at ground level to rejuvenate the plant.

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