Description: Pansies are one of our most distinctive garden flowers.  We are familiar with them through our parks and traditional gardens.  Today there is such a wide choice of Violas that it is possible to have pansies flowering during every month of the year.  The term Pansy is usually used for the larger flowered varieties of Viola wittrockiana which may be single or self coloured or multi coloured which generally have two distinct colours with or without bold markings or blotches.  The flower colours range from pure white, lemon to rich yellow and orange, pink, burgundy and purple and all shades of blue.  Plants are generally bought in autumn for winter and spring colour and spring for late spring and summer colour.

Uses: Can be planted in formal or informal bedding schemes and containers as well as providing colour at the front of mixed borders.

Climate/Position:  Light sunny position or light shade will ensure continued flowering throughout the season

Height/Spread:  20cm x 20cm

Soil Requirements:  Free draining but moisture retentive soil. Addition of well rotted manure or compost prior to planting and as a mulch will reduce the need for watering in dry spells.

Pruning:  Dead heading to prevent seed generation will ensure a prolonged flowering period.

Special Requirements:  Water in dry spells as required.

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