Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop'

Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop'

Description: For those who love V bonariensis but find it too tall then this more recent introduction offers the same show of flowers and floaty effect but is much shorter. A superb show of purple flowers on rigid much branched stems which look superb when planted en mass.  

Uses:  Plant in drifts for a strong showy effect or throughout a border for a softer effect. Good grown with ornamental grasses.

Climate/Position: Best in a sunny spot for full effect.

Height/Spread: 60 cm branched and spreading.

Soil Requirements: Humus rich and fertile well drained soil especially in winter. Drought tolerant.

Pruning: If flower heads are left through the autumn then you can enjoy late flushes of flower and seed-heads and plants more likely to survive the winter.

Special Requirements: Was considered only borderline hardy but is now considered perennial, given good drainage.  Can suffer winter die back so best if left unpruned until late winter.  Also good if a mulch added around the base of the plants.

Additional Interest: One of 200 species of verbena found in Latin America