Verbena bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis

Description: A superb show of purple flowers on tall rigid much branched stems which look superb when planted en mass.  Sparce leaves are narrow and ribbed. Has become very popular over recent years and is easy to grow. The plants can be grown as annuals, perennials or sub shrubs.

Uses: As this is tall good at the back of any border for summer show. Plant in drifts or throughout a border. Good grown with ornamental grasses.

Climate/Position: Best in a sunny spot for full effect.

Height/Spread: Up to 2 metres tall branched and spreading.

Soil Requirements: Humus rich and fertile well drained soil especially in winter. Drought tolerant.

Pruning: If flower heads are left through the autumn to enjoy late flushes of flower and the seed-heads  then many seedling may appear the following year. if you wish to avoid this then cut back after flowering.

Special Requirements: Was considered only borderline hardy but is now considered perennial, given good drainage.  Can suffer winter die back so best if left unpruned until late winter.  Also good if a mulch added around the base of the plants.

Additional Interest: One of 200 species of verbena found in Latin America