Ugni molinae 'Flambeau'

Ugni molinae 'Flambeau'

Description: Chilean Guava is an attractive, dense, slow growing evergreen with small, delicate, variegated grey, cream and pink leaves. Bell-shaped pink-white flowers in summer and small edible purple-red fruits in autumn/winter that have a slightly spiced strawberry taste. The foliage is also aromatic.

Uses: Very useful for city, cottage/informal and Mediterranean type plantings in beds and borders, containers, wall-side and trellises. It would make a lovely and unusual addition to a kitchen garden!

Climate/Position: Full sun to partial shade.

Height/Spread: Height and spread 1.5 meters.

Soil Requirements: Moist but well drained soil. Will tolerate most soil types.

Pruning: No pruning required. Remove wayward shoots in late winter to early spring if needed.

Special Requirements: Provide protection from cold winds in winter.

Additional Interest: Suitable for training against walls. The strawberry tasting fruit of Ugni molinae were reputedly the favourite fruit of Queen Victoria.