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Trachycarpus fortunei

Trachycarpus fortunei

Description: A hardy palm which has been used to create an exotic feel in British gardens since its introduction over 150 years ago. The tall single trunk produces large fan shaped evergreen leaves which last for many years and eventually die from the base and form a taller trunk covered in fibres as new shoots form at the top of the plant.

Mature plants may produce large drooping panicles of small flowers in summer.

Uses: Excellent for developing an exotic feel to any garden as an individual garden or in the larger garden grow as a group of different aged plants for effect. Can be grown in containers which will reduce growth and can be used in the smaller garden.

Climate/Position: Though hardy, a sunny site protected from winds will ensure the foliage is not spoiled.

Height/Spread: Slowly reaches 20 metres x 1.5 metres

Soil Requirements: Well drained fertile soil.  

Pruning: The older lower leaves fall naturally over time but they can be removed with pruning saw as they brown to improve aesthetics.

Special Requirements: If plants grown in containers then ensure they are fed annually to ensure the leaves retain their rich green colour.

Additional Interest: First introduced by Philip von Siebold in 1830 and later by Robert Fortune in 1849.