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Tilia henryana

Tilia  henryana

Description: A very beautiful and rare medium sized slow growing tree. Broadly downy leaves up to 13cm long with conspicuous bristle like teeth. Fragrant creamy white flowers are produced in the autumn. Great autumn colour. Due to it's slow growth it is an ideal choice for the domestic garden

Climate / Position: Full sun or partial shade.

Height / Spread: Can reach 10-15m in height with an 8-10m spread when mature.

Soil Requirements: Can tolerate most soil conditions.

Pruning: Remove wayward shoots in the spring to maintain a healthy framework.

Special Requirments: Avoid extremely dry conditions and exposure to strong winds.

This tree was discovered by Augustine Henry in 1888 and was introduced in to the U.K. by Ernest Wilson in 1901. If you want a beautiful unusual tree in your garden then this is the one.