Thymus pulegioides 'Bertram

Thymus pulegioides 'Bertram

Description: Though Thymus are grown widely as a herb for its medicinal or culinary properties  many of the plants also make attractive plants within the garden.  This is a compact evergreen creeping form of Thyme which is light green in summer, turning bright gold with red tips through the autumn and winter forming neat mounds. The foliage has a mild lemon fragrance and in summer mauve flowers are seen though this variety is grown more for foliage than flowers.

Uses: Grow in the herb garden, in containers, at the front of a border as an edging or between paving so that when trodden on the beautiful lemon thyme aromatic fragrance is released.

Climate/Position: Sunny position

Height/Spread: 5-7 cm x 20-30 cm

Soil Requirements: Any free draining soil

Pruning: Trim in spring and then again after flowering to maintain fresh golden foliage.

Special Requirements: 

Additional Interest: Awarded as T. x citriodorus 'Bertram Anderson'