Stipa tenuissima

Stipa tenuissima
Description: A deciduous grass with compact habit and soft arching thread like leaves and masses of fluffy plumes of pale green spikelets in late summer which turn silver then light buff in autumn and persist into winter. 

Uses: Use as a focal point in a mixed border or gravel garden, or to soften the lines of a building so useful in a wide range of areas in landscaping larger urban areas and also smaller courtyard gardens and containers. Good for architectural effect and movement in the garden as the wind creates waves with the soft grass heads.

Climate/Position:  Full sun preferred but will tolerate any aspect.

Height/Spread:  0.5 - 1 metres x 0.5 - 1 metres

Soil Requirements:  Moderately fertile, medium to light, well-drained soil

Pruning:  Cut down to the ground in late winter, before the new foliage appears

Special Requirements:  

Additional Interest: