Sorbus commixta Olympic Flame

Sorbus commixta Olympic Flame

Description:  An upright columnar form of Sorbus with pinnate leaves which in spring open to a coppery colour and are topped with a mass of flat creamy white flower heads. Throughout the summer the unusually large leaves are a rich glossy green and then in autumn that turn to shades of brilliant orange and red and the fruits are seen as large bunches of red berries which are great for wildlife.  

Uses: Suited to medium sized gardens as a specimen or at the back of a border.

Climate / Position: Full sun to dappled shade. Tolerant of windswept or exposed locations.

Height / Spread: Height 6 m. Spread 4m.

Soil Requirements: Tolerates a wide range of soils except shallow chalk but well drained fertile soils preferred.

Pruning : No pruning required.

Special Requirements: Avoid chalk soils in fact a lower acidic soil is preferred.

Additional Interest: Olympic Flame is derived from seed collected in 1976 on the South Korean island of Ullungdo and was selected in Sweden. Originally named ‘Dodong', for the port on the island of Ullungdo. In Britain it's sold under the name of Olympic Flame