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Sollya heterophylla

Sollya heterophylla


An unusual, twining, evergreen climber which is ideal in a sheltered, sunny site especially when trained over a pergola or arch. The pretty, pendant, bell-shaped flowers from June to September are rich blue and are followed by edible blue berries in the hottest summers. Deep green lance-shaped leaves.

Worth risking outside in milder areas.

Climate/Position: Full Sun to partial shade - shade from hot midday sun

Height/Spread: 1.5 - 2 metres

Soil Requirements: Fertile moist well-drained soil - humus rich

Pruning: In the spring cut back the flowered shoots to within 2-4 buds. Tie in the new season growth onto the framework of trellis or arch.

Special Requirements:

Where temperatures fall below 5°C it's best grown under glass and then watered sparingly during the winter months.