Saxifraga 'Aureopunctata' (x urbium)

Saxifraga 'Aureopunctata' (x urbium)
Description: Forms a low clump of leathery evergreen leaves arranged in rosettes.  The plant with interesting golden-yellow leopard-spots spreads slowly to form a thick mat. Stems of dainty pale-pink flowers appear in late spring.

Uses:  Easy to grow and an excellent all-purpose edging plant suitable for a wide use of situation in the garden.

Climate/Position:  Full sun or shade

Height/Spread:  30 cm x 30cm slowly spreading to form up to 1 metre cover

Soil Requirements:  Any soil preferably moist and free draining.

Pruning:  If the plant is becoming too large for the space then reduce size in spring or early summer.

Special Requirements:

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