Salix alba 'Chermesina' hort.

Salix alba 'Chermesina' hort.

Description: A large pyramidal tree if left unpruned.  In a garden situation then this can be a stunning plant when used for winter stem colour.  The vigourous annual stems develop rich yellow red colour and after the leaves have dropped in autumn proovide a superb display.  Excellent if planted in groups and when planted with Cornus which are also pruned annually.

Uses: Two very different uses as a large park tree or grown near to water, or grown as a pollarded tree for winter stems.  Ideal therefore in a winter garden planting scheme.

Climate/Position: sunny position for best stem colour.  

Height/Spread: Up to 20 metres as a tree.  Annual pruning of pollarded plant can result in up to 3 metres growth in one season.

Soil Requirements: As a tree tolerant of quite wet sites, less so if pollarded.

Pruning: As a specimen tree no pruning is required.  However, can be pollarded on an annual basis if grown as a shrub.  After the stems have provided stunning colour throughout the winter, the stems are then cut to ground level or to a central stem above the ground in March before they start to shoot in spring.

Special Requirements: If pruned annially then annual mulching and feeding is also recommended after pruning to ensure healthy plants are amintained.

Additional Interest: Cut stems can be used for display indoors.