Rubus fruticosus 'Thornfree'

Rubus fruticosus 'Thornfree'

Description: A strong growing blackberry with arching stems but these do not have the normal thorns of a blackberry which make them easier to grow, prune and of course easier to harvest the fruit.

Large white blossom in early summer followed by large juicy edible blackberries in early autumn.  

Uses: Good in the fruit garden grown on a frame but also suited to growing on a large wall or fence or even an arch.

Climate/Position: Preferably sunshine to ripen and sweaten the fruit.

Height/Spread: Can grow to over 2 metres spread and height so does need training to keep under control.

Soil Requirements: Any moisture retaining soil and for a good crop then regular mulching and feeding will help.

Pruning: The shoots which have finished fruiting should be cut down to the ground in autumn.  The current seasons growth can then be trained in to replace them.  Ideally, some tying in of shoots as they develop through the summer will ensure that the plant does not become unruly.

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