Roscoea purpurea

Roscoea purpurea

Description: A vigorous form of Roscoe with orchid like flowers of rich purple against the soft green strap like leaves  in late spring and early summer. The exotic looking flowers are related to the Ginger.

Uses: Good for a woodland garden or a damp shady location

Climate/Position: Partial shade

Height/Spread: 40 cm x 15 cm

Soil Requirements: Humus rich free draining soil.  A good mulch will help the tubers overwinter.

Pruning: Cut back the foliage after it has died down in autumn.

Special Requirements: Ensure they are not grown in a sunny site.  May be overwintered indoors in colder areas.

Additional Interest: Roscoea purpurea was the first Roscoea species to be described around 1806 from specimens collected in Nepal by the Scotsman Francis Buchanan, who collected and described many new plants from India and Nepal. The genus is named after William Roscoe (1753–1831), who founded Liverpool’s first botanic garden in 1803 and had an interest in gingers.