Rosa 'Climbing Iceberg'

Rosa 'Climbing Iceberg'

Description: A climbing version of the popular white floribunda rose which is considered one of the best most reliable climbing white roses. Masses of double, slightly fragrant, creamy white rain resistant flowers produced from June and as long as the faded blooms are regularly removed it will continue flowering into autumn.

The flat, fully double, glowing white long lasting flowers look stunning against a sunny house or garden wall. Vigorous branching habit, mid-green leaves and a trouble-free rose make this easy to grow.

Uses: Against wall or fence.

Climate/Position: Sunny position prefered but will tolerate shade so making this useful for a shady wall.

Height/Spread: Will reach 3 metres x 3 metres if trained.

Soil Requirements: Though roses will tolerate most soil types, for best results roses prefer deep, rich, free draining soils with plenty of organic matter.

Avoid planting in sites that have previously been used for growing roses. Add organic matter before planting and mulch regularly for best results.

Pruning: Pruning roses is best undertaken at the end of February. On all plants remove any dead and diseased stems, as well as very weak and thin stems. When pruning climbers, the previous year’s flowering shoots should be reduced to 3 or 4 buds. Tie in the strong, new stems, cutting out older ones as necessary.

Within the flowering season, dead heading blooms after colour throughout the season will improve the overall look and flowering capacity of the plant.

Special Requirements: Feeding roses in spring and applying annual mulch will enhance performance, encourage healthy growth and lead to improved flowering.

Additional Interest: Introduced in 1968 as a sport of the successful bush Floribunda variety Iceburg.