Rodgersia pinnata 'Chocolate Wing'

Rodgersia pinnata 'Chocolate Wing'

Description: Rodgersia are grown for their superb and very distinctive large textured leaves which are palmate and deeply veined.  This form has purplish chocolate coloured leaves which make it even more interesting and useful in moist and sheltered situations. The stems of fluffy rich pink flowers above the foliage give additional interest in summer.

Uses: Great for giving contrast of leaf shape, texture and colour to many situations but looks particularly good by the side of water whether stream or pond.

Climate/Position: Full Sun for the richest colour but suited also to partial shade. Shelter from cold winds.

Height/Spread: A smaller form 60cm x 60cm

Soil Requirements: Fertile moist soil which should be humus rich.

Pruning: Cut back flower stems after flowering and tidy plants in late autumn by cutting back the dead foliage.

Special Requirements: To ensure soil around Rodgersia remains moist then applying a mulch which will help retain moisture.

Additional Interest: R. pinnata was named and described by the French botanist Adrien Franchet in 1888, while studying the collections  in Yunnan by the French explorer, Père Delavay. Seeds of R. pinnata were sent to Kew by the Irish plantsman Augustine Henry in 1898.