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Ribes uva-crispa 'Hinnonmäki Gul'

Description: Gooseberries are generally easy to grow fruit bushes. This is a new mildew resistant variety of gooseberry suited to garden production. Heavy crops of large aromatic yellow fruit in mid July. Generally grown as a bush but can be trained as an upright cordon if space is limited or a fan against a wall. Can also be grown in a large container.

Climate/Position: Crop best in a sunny position, but will tolerate partial shade.

Height/Spread: Depending on style and shaping

Soil Requirements: Suited to any soil but they prefer a slightly acid or neutral, well-drained fertile soil

Pruning: When young, shape the plant to have an open framework to reduce risk of disease and to allow for easier picking.

Either after fruiting or in winter cut back the growth tips by half.

Special Requirements: To ensure high fruiting maintained then feed in spring with high potassium fertiliser.

A very traditional European fruit which has unique flavour. Improved varieties now mean growing a good crop for freshly picked fruit or for freezing is more reliable without disease problems.