Ribes rubrum 'Jonkheer van Tets'

Ribes rubrum 'Jonkheer van Tets'


A large untidy bush but produces early fruit which is bright red, juicy fruit rated highly for their flavour and produced in abundance. This variety does best when grown as a cordon.

Climate/Position: Ideally full sun in sheltered position.

Height/Spread: 1.5 metres x 2 metres spread if grown as a bush though pruned as a single cordon plant 50cm apart.

Soil Requirements: Clay, Loamy, Sandy.

Plant in moist but well-drained or well drained soils, mulching with well rotted manure, compost or bark on dry soil.

Pruning: Prune between November and March cutting back the new growth of each shoot by half.

Special Requirements:

As suggested grow as a cordon where space is more limited. One plant can be trained to a single stem against a stake. In late June cut back all side shoots to five leaves. A number of plants or multiple cordons can be planted against a post and wire frame.