Rhododendron 'Graziella'

Rhododendron 'Graziella'

Description: A low growing sturdy and hardy evergreen shrub. This distinct variety of Rhododendron has very dark green narrow leaves with a burgundy tint. The flowers are deep purple in bud opening to bell-shaped flowers of lilac pink. They appear in late May to early June.  Though exotic looking it is hardy.

Uses: Good in any shaded site or woodland.

Climate/Position: Partial or dappled shade is preferred. This variety is later flowering and so tolerant of areas which catch morning sun where flowers of early varieties may be damaged. Heavy shade will reduce flowering.

Height/Spread: Up to 1.2 metres.

Soil Requirements: Rhododendrons prefer soils with a low pH / peaty ericaceous soil to avoid chlorosis or yellowing of the leaves.

Pruning: Generally no pruning required. Removal of flower stalks after flowering is completed by pinching out the stalks, will enhance appearance and future flowering.

Special Requirements: Applying a mulch regularly around the plant will help moisture retention in the soil. Where plants struggle a little if not grown in soil with low pH, then Rhododendrons will always benefit from an annual feed of sequestered iron to ensure the plants do not suffer from iron deficiency which is indicated by interveinal chlorosis or yellowing of leaves between the veins.