Rhododendron 'Firelight'

Rhododendron 'Firelight'

Description: A Compact free flowering evergreen Hybrid Rhododendron The stunning flowers are cream with profuse red speckles which look quite exotic close up and are produced in May. The flowers make this variety a show piece in any garden and can easily be a favourite.

Uses: Ideal for planting within borders and also for low to medium hedging or screening.

Climate/Position: Sheltered shady position

Mid day shade is particularly important for this azalea though it is often used in sunnier locations than most azaleas.

Height/Spread: 1.2m x 1.2metres.

Soil Requirements: Rhododendrons prefer soils with a low pH or peaty/ ericaceous soil to avoid chlorosis or yellowing of the leaves.

Pruning: Generally avoid pruning. Flower stalks can be pinched out (by finger and thumb rather than secateurs) when flowering is complete. Well established plants will respond well to regenerative pruning if required.

Special Requirements: Applying a mulch regularly around the plant will help moisture retention in the soil. Where plants struggle a little if not grown in soil with low pH, then Rhododendrons will always benefit from an annual feed of sequestered iron to ensure the plants do not suffer from iron deficiency which is indicated by interveinal chlorosis or yellowing of leaves between the veins.

Additional Interest: This hybrid was raised by D.L. Hardgrove in 1958