Pyracantha 'Golden Charmer'

Pyracantha 'Golden Charmer'

Description: A yellow berried Pyracantha.  The evergreen leaves are rich green and form a good background plant in a border.  In spring a mass of white flowers are produced which in autumn are flooweed by large clusters of rich yellow berries whcih last well into winter as the birds tend to be less attracted to them thean red berries. An upright form.

Uses:  Can Good for use as a thick hedging plant with thorns so useful for security planting. Can also be grwn against a wall or as a free standing shrub towards the back of a border.

Climate/Position: Sun or partial shade

Height/Spread: 2.5 metres height x 2 metres spread.

Soil Requirements: Any free draining soil.

Pruning: There are a range of methods of Pyracantha pruning. Foe free standing shrubs then it may be that no pruning is required or a light prune for shaping the plant. For hedging plants cut after flowering in Spring and then 2 - 3 times in the summer as required (using gloves for protection).

For wall trained shrubs then train young plants into a framework onto wires or trellis and then ensure outward facing growth is pruned back after flowering. Try to limit the amount of 2 year growth which is removed to ensure future flower and berry displays.

Special Requirements: Use gloves when working with Pyracantha as the thorns are very hard and can be painful!

Additional Interest: Often sold as 'Orange Charmer'

The name pyracantha comes from the Greek pyr - fire and acanthos - thorn, hence the common name Firethorn.