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Prunus 'Umineko'

Prunus 'Umineko'

Description: A narrow upright tree which has a profusion of single white cherry blossom flowers in spring. In the autumn the leaves turn lovely tints and give additional interest.

Uses: The upright columnar habit makes it suitable for street planting and other areas where space is restricted.

Climate/Position: Open sunny position prefered to ensure best shape and flowering..

Height/Spread: 8 x 4 metres

Soil Requirements: Tolerant of most well drained soils including lime/chalky soils.

Pruning: No pruning necessary except shaping young trees or removal of crossing branches. In older trees dead branches may be removed. Prune in mid summer after flowering.

Special Requirements:

Additional Interest: An older form of Prunus from early 1900s - award winning from as early as 1928