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Prunus 'Taihaku'

Prunus 'Taihaku'

Description: Medium sized spreading tree, considered to be the best white cherry with the largest individual blossoms reaching up to 6cm across in April! The pure white petals, which have a distinctive notch at the tip, appear in profusion together with the copper-coloured young foliage. The leaves are large and bright green in summer turning vibrant yellow and orange in autumn. It forms a beautiful wide-spreading tree .

Uses, Best when grown as a specimen in a large garden or park to ensure it is given space for its wide spreading habit and to gain fully from its glorious show of spring flowers.

Climate/Position: Sunny to semi shaded position.

Height/Spread: Up to 7 metres but with the same width so quite unusual.

Soil Requirements: Any soil.

Pruning: None required.

Special Requirements:  Ensure enough space is given to show off the wide spreading form of the Great White Cherry. Ideal in open grass whether lawn or uncut where specimen required.

Additional Interest: Thought to have been lost in cultivation for centuries until Captain Collingwood Ingram found it growing in a Sussex garden and proceeded to propagate large stock from a small branch taken from this tree