Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'

Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'

Description: A more recent cultivar which introduces purple foliage to the large flowered ornamental cherrries which is quite a breakthrough. The rich pink double blossom is produced later in the spring so the purple leaves have already emerged and so the show of pink against purple is superb. The large leaves maintain purple colour throughout summer turning wine red before falling in autumn.  Upright ascending branches make a compact dome when mature. 

Uses: Ideal as a contrast with other plants offering rich purple foliage throughtout summer.

Climate/Position: Sunny position.

Height/Spread: Under 10 metres height and spread so classed as a small tree.

Soil Requirements: Any free draining fertile soil.

Pruning: Rarely need pruning but removal of any dead, dying or crossing braches as well as any formative pruning or shaping should be done after flowering in early summer.

Special Requirements: 

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