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Prunus pendula 'Pendula Rubra'

Prunus pendula 'Pendula Rubra'

Description: One of the few plants that can truly be called a very small tree reaching only 3-4 metres. The pendulous branches sweep down to the ground as the tree matures and in March-April they are coated in a profusion sweet scented single pink flowers, carmine in bud.  Mid-green foliage turns fiery shades of orange and red in the autumn before falling.

Uses: Is well suited to small spaces and makes an ideal dramatic spring time centre piece for any garden but especially useful in the smaller urban garden as tolerant of pollution. Can also be used for container growing.

Climate/Position: Open sunny position prefered to ensure best shape and flowering..

Height/Spread: 4 x 4 metres

Soil Requirements: Tolerant of most well drained soils ibut dislikes waterlogged soils.

Pruning: No pruning necessary except shaping young trees or removal of crossing branches. In older trees dead branches may be removed. Prune in mid summer after flowering.

Special Requirements: