Prunus incisa 'Ko-Jo-No-Mai'

Prunus incisa 'Ko-Jo-No-Mai'

Description: An early spring flowering Prunus with saucer shaped pink flowers turning white with age. This particular species has an attractive zig zag shaped branch growth habit. This species is a very easy to grow species when compared to other Japanese native species of Prunus.

Uses: Spring interest, can be grafted and grown or purchased as a standard tree for use in a pot.

Climate/Position:  Full Sun , Protection from strong winds.  

Height/Spread: 2.5m / 2.5m

Soil Requirements: Well drained, tolerant of both acidic or alkaline soils.

Pruning:  Removed of dead wood in autumn.

Special Requirements: N/A

Additional Interest:  Great for a small garden where space is limited. Can be used in Japanese style planting plans.