Pleioblastus variegatus

Pleioblastus variegatus

Description: An attractive dwarf evergreen bamboo with low spreading habit making it ideal for ground cover.  The striking dark green leaves have a bold stripe of creamy-yellow down the centre and so bring a fresh look to the garden.  The leaves are narrow and lanceolate in shape and help on strong stalks rather than canes (or culm) of bamboo.


Uses: Ideal as a low maintenance evergreen ground cover plant and also for holding banks and slopes in place with deep spreading rhizomes.

Climate/Position:  Partial sun preferred

Height/Spread:  75cm x 2 metres

Soil Requirements:  Any soils which are moist but well drained

Pruning:  Old stems which might have been blackened by frost in the coldest winters can be cut back in spring for fresh growth. - can even be mowed in spring if a large area of ground cover!

Special Requirements:   Mulching with well-rotted compost over the winter will help protect the roots from frost damage.  The rhizomes can be invasive so it is a good idea to restrict the spread of the roots using a non-perishable barrier such as corrugated plastic.

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